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Ayi's Toy: TaiJi - 69 Puzzle

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TaiJi is a pattern of Chinese traditional philosophy "Dao".
It is composed with two parts of Yin & Yang.
Usually, Yin refers to the dark part and Yang means the bright one.

In the pattern of TaiJi, a whole circle is equally separated into two parts, Yin & Yang.
Yin & Yang are opposite to each other and surrounding each other but also in each other.
It means everything in cosmos is associate with others and affect others.
They restrain each other but also promote each other.

The theory is mysterious, I can not explain it clearly.
But I can make a puzzle.
In China, we call it "TaiJi", but I really like the nickname "69 - Puzzle"

It is made of aluminum alloy and milled by CNC.
Diameter:60mm / Height:26mm / Weight:201g
The goal is to take it apart.
You can buy it form Wil Strijbos.
If you got stuck and really can not open, here is the solution.


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