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Every boy wants a Transformer in his childhood. So do I.
I like cubes, I like Transformers also.
The 3rd Mod Assembly of Mf8 will be hold on Oct 2 in GuangZhou,
I have to come up with some works.
So I put this out.

It has been printed on Shapeways, the package is on its way.
I've not get the real physical parts yet, I can only show you the renderings now...
Here are some pictures. The animation of transforming will upload later.

 ==============================above update on Sep.2011 ==============================

Took some photos

3D printed on Shapeways.

Transform into a robert. There's no head...

Thank AJ for modding a head for me :)

 ==============================above update on Oct.23.2011 ==============================

Now, my robot has his own head !

 ==============================above update on Mar.3.2012 ==============================

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