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Something for kids

I'd like to make something for kids, here is the wooden toy - Moon Flower.
It is easy, but not as simple as you thought.
It has 13 pcs, for children that more than 3 years old.
Moon Flower


Great honor to win the Jury Honorable Mention

TaiJi - 69 Puzzle won the Jury Honorable Mention on the Design Competition of IPP35.
Great honor for this puzzle and for me.
TaiJi - 69 Puzzle


TaiJi - 69 Puzzle is ready

Metal work TaiJi - 69 Puzzle is ready.
Made of aluminum alloy and milled by CNC.
You can see it on IPP35 and you can buy it from Wil Strijbos.
TaiJi - 69 Puzzle


Chinese Traditional Spring Festival

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival is coming.
Most of the post services will be on their vacations.
So packages can not be sent out during that time.
Spring Festival Vacation: Feb.14 ~ Feb.28


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Christmas is coming.
From Dec.18 to Jan.31, freeshipping for all items.
Merry christmas and happy new year !


Some Metal puzzles

Have been silent for several months...
These days, there are no cubes, but some metal works.
Now they are all prototypes, boxes also.
This time, boxes are much better than old ones.
I will also try to make puzzles better!


Released !

Now, 4x4x3 is Released!
Black and White version are available.
Still some Blue left, Transparent just one piece.


OK, tight enough !

Tight enough. Ready to work !


Not tight enough ...

Got the newest samples last Friday.
In my last video, caps are easy to fall out.
In blue version, caps are glued onto the cube, can not be disassembled.
Now caps have been modified, and no longer fall out, but I do not think it is tight enough.
Everything is OK, but the caps.
One more week ...


Sorting and Assembling ...

Molds of 4x4x3 are ready, I got numerous of parts ...
In Spring Festival, all are in vacation, but I am sorting and assembling :)
Now, blue version only.
Black and White are going into production after Spring Festival vacation.


443 is almost ok !

Just got the newest prototype of 4x4x3.
It is the 4th time for mold testing, now looks neat and nice !
The caps are much better than last one, but still not tight enough.
Next time, everything will be OK !
Here is the Video on YouTube
Happy 2014 !
Metal Cheese


Sample of 4x4x3

Here is the sample of 4x4x3, second time for mold testing.
Much better than the first one, but still has some problem.
Here is the Video on YouTube
Metal Cheese


Metal Cheese is released !

Now, Metal Cheese is released. You can see it here.
And, shipping problem has also been fixed.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience !
If any problem, do not hesitate to let me know.
Thank you very much !


Metal Cheese is ready !

Black cardboard box was abandoned.
Today, wooden boxes are ready.
Metal cheese will be released on this Sunday, Jly.14
$180, worldwide free shipping.
BTW, the sample of 443 was not good, we have to wait for some weeks ...
Metal Cheese


Which one do you prefer ?

Black cardboard box came out last week.
It was not as good as expected.
So, I'd like to customize some wood boxes, here is the sample.
Which one do you prefer ?
Metal Cheese


Not yet released

Metal Cheese is not available now. Boxes are in processing.
It will be released when boxes are ready.
Before that, I will leave message here.
Thank you very much !
Metal Cheese


Metal Cheese

Made some metal cheeses.
Deluxe version, all made up of aluminum alloy.
Limited edition, 80 units only.
Everything is ready, just waiting for the box.
And the sample of 4x4x3 will come out next week..
Metal Cheese



Registered the trademark as Ayis™.
How do you think about it ?
4x4x3 and further products will use the new logo.
And we can see the sample of 4x4x3 at the end of this month.


Email address is changed

Yahoo! mail service will be closed in China.
I have to say good bye to my yahoo mail box, which has been used for nearly 15 years...
Now, my default email address is ayi2000#outlook.com (replace # with @)
Goodbye~ Yahoo! :~(
yahoo >>>> outlook


4x4x3 models from Shapeways

Just got the 3D printed models from Shapeways, took some photos.
Here is the Video on YouTube


New Plan in 2013

First, I am very sorry that Kite Cube is still in modifying ...
It took such a long time, sorry.
Then, in the first half of this year, there will be a new product -- 4x4x3.
Please wait ...
And, From Feb.7 to Feb.16, it will be Spring Festival Vacation in China.
Packages can not be sent out during that time.
4x4x3 corner part


Hello 2013

2012 has passed, now it is 2013.
Happy New Year !
Happy New Year


Christmas Offer

Christmas is coming.
There is a special offer from Dec.1 to Dec.31
Free shipping for all items.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
Merry Christmas


3-L Cheese is available !

3-Layer Cheese is ready, and Rainbow Stickers are also available.
Rainbow Stickers look very nice, but not very durable.
New sample of Kite Cube will come out these days.
If all problem are solved, it will be put into mass-production.


National Day Vacation

National Day vacation: Oct.1 ~ Oct.6
Package cannot be sent out during these days.
If everything goes well, after vacation, 3-L Cheese will be released in Mid-Oct.
Kite will be later ...


Video of Kite Cube

Just recorded a video of Kite Cube
This cube has "clicking" mechanism and turns well.
Video on YouTube


6-color stickers

6-color stickers are ready..
Rainbow stickers are in processing ...
Cheese Cheese


New sample of Kite Cube

Just got the new sample of Kite Cube.
Molds are rebuilt and the assembly methord is changed.
It is much better than the old one, and looks very neat in outward appearance.
Cheeses are ready, and Kite is coming ...
Kite cube Kite cube


Sample of 3L-cheese

Here is the sample of 3L-cheese
It looks nice and turns OK.
This one has been modded by me, it did not turn very well before hand work.
The molds still need repair, wait please ...


Pacakge from Shapeways

Have not update for such a long time.
Last month, I redrew the models of Multi-layers cheese, and printed on Shapeways.
The package was just arrived yesterday,
with this package, my robot has his own head.
Just took some photo, video is not ready...


How to assemble 5x5x4

Now, both 554 and 445 are all assembled when they come out from factory.
But It is still necessary to make a page to show How to assemble 5x5x4.
How to assemvle 554


If any problem with the website, please let me know

I notice that there's something wrong with my shop last weekend.
It was hard to open the pages, and could not checkout sometimes ...
Now, I think it has been fixed.
If you find any problem when making purchase, please send email or leave me message.
I very much appreciate that.
Thank you !


5x5x4 is available

Yesterday, I got a big package from factory.
5x5x4 finaly comes out.
Now, both black and white are avaliable.
It is abundant with black version, but white version is not so many.
There is another package with white ones, it will come next week.
new sample of 554   new sample of 554


Producing and Assembling

5x5x4 is in production now.
It needs two weeks for producting and assembling.
I've expected it would be ready in October.
Now, I am afraid that 554 can not be released in time.
Sorry about that ...

Two more weeks ...



The 3rd MF8 Mod Assembly will be hold on Oct 2 in GuangZhou.
I have to come up with some works.
So, here you see the Transcuber, I' d like to use it as my entries.
It has been printed on shapeways, and the package is on its way now.
I've not get the real physical parts yet, I can only show you the renderings...
Transcuber Transcuber

The mold of 554 is in the last time modifying.
If goes well, 5x5x4 will be released in Oct.


New sample

Make one cube sticked.
Take some photos and record a video .
new sample of 554


New sample

Thank you all for waiting so long a time !
Today, I got the new sample of 5x5x4 , it is much better than the old one.
Just assembled one cube and took some photos.
It turns very well !
Click to see more pictures, video will be uploaded later ...
new sample of 5x5x4


Photos of sample

I don't think this cube is good, It has many defects.
Even I do not want to show the pictures ...
But I am sure the final version will not like this.
sample of 5x5x4


Sample of 5x5x4

The sample of 5x5x4 came out this weekend.
But I am a little disappointed .
Its quality is not as good as I expected.
The mold is not precise enough,
so the surface is not very neat and it does not turn very smoothly.

There is no problem with the function, but the hand feeling is far from 445.
It needs much more improvement.
so we have to wait a few weeks.
Here is the video on youtube: Sample of 5x5x4
Photo later...


New Boxes

New boxes come out. They are much better than old ones.
Clarity, Color, Cut (there is no Carat ...) are all improved :)
And, the sample of 5x5x4 is coming ...
Happy Dragon Boat Festival !
4x4x5 box    5x5x4 box



Boxes are ready, but I am not satisfied with them.
I don't think it is good enough.
I'd like it to be a whole window on the front side, but the factory cut it into girds.
These boxes will not be put into market, I'll rebuild another batch.
4x4x5 box    5x5x4 box



Have been disappear for such a long time.
I was ill and stayed in bed for two weeks, but I'v never been away.
554 is in processing and it will come with the package.
4x4x5 box    5x5x4 box


Ayi's Toy 4x4x5 sp1

Many people think it would be better if all parts are capped.
So I make some caps for 445.
Not all parts, just caps for corners/ top layer edges/ 4th layer edges/ middle layer edges.
Need to be printed 8 times for one cube.
You can see the details and download STL files here: 4x4x5 sp1
4x4x5 sp1


Upload some pictures

The real 5x5x4 is now available now, I can only play with 3D models ...
Assembled the 3D models into a full cube, and rendered some picture.
I use it as windows wall-paper.
Click to see Large (1920x1080) pictures: Blue , Silver , White
just preview


Just a corner

Rendered some pictures and uploaded onto website.
Here is a corner.
just preview


Preview !

Finished editing models, and rendered into image.
There's no large picture, just preview ...
just preview


DiyKit (black version) is out of stock, other puzzles are in processing.

Hello guys, Thanks for your support !
Now, all cubes have already been assembled in the factory.
I am sorry that the DiyKit (black version) is temporarily out of stock, white version and assembled ones are adequate.
When the next batch comes, I will prepare some disassembled for DIY.

Other puzzles are in processing, models need more modifications,
I'll try to make them better, wait please...
Thank you !


Vacation is over !

Thanks for waiting.
Now the postal service comes back !
Worldwide delivery.


Happy Chinese New Year !

Today is Chinese Traditional Spring Festival.
Now, it's the Year of Rabbit.
Wish you all a Happy New Year !


Notice for Chinese Traditional Spring Festival.

Chinese Traditional Spring Festival is coming.
Most of the post services will be on their vacations.
So packages can not be sent out during that time.
Spring Festival Vacation: Jan.29 ~ Feb.10


Let's assemble the 4x4x5 together.

Last week I was busy in assembling cubes, hundreds of cubes need to be assembled ...
So the website was not updated in time.

Some people has got the cube, and think it is not easy to assemble.
Then I took some photos and made a tutorial .
Let's assemble it together.
Assemble 445


Now 4x4x5 is available !

Thanks for waiting so long !
Now it is available !
You can make purchase at Ayi's Shop .
445 final version


Everything is ok, just wait ...

Stickers are ready, cubes are still on the way ...
Have nothing to do but wait, hehe.


Happy New Year !

Today is the last day in 2010, and now it is the last hour.
The cube has been ready, and it is on the way now.
I am also eager to get it :)
It will be put on sale in early January.
Wish a Happy New Year !


Ayi's Shop is launched

Today Ayi's Shop is launched.
There is no items now.
But you will see it changing everyday :)
Let's wait together ...


Sample of 4x4x5 comes out !

Today is a lovely day.
Because the samples of 445 come out !
The mold is very good and need no more modifications.
The cube turns very smoothly.
Maybe you can really get a 445 as your Christmas gift :)
Click to see the details


Ayi's 3 Layers Cheese

I've mod a 2 Layers Cheese befor.
Now I bring you a 3 layers one.
Some pieces are 3D printed, and others are casted.
I also print the stickers into rainbow version, I like this color.
I think it turns well.
3 layers cheese
Click to see the details


Have just finished my 5x5x4

More than half a year.
The parts have been ready for a long time.
I am too lazy to polish nealy a hundred of blocks,
and the most boring thing is to paste 130 pieces of stickers.
Outside blocks are 3D printed (Models by ayi),
the core is based on EastSheen.
Click to see the details


FF 4x4x5 has been put into mass-production

My patent of 445 was approved last month.
I realy want to put it into mass-production.
Just found a manufacture and finished revising the models.
If everything goes well, you can see it before Christmas.


Hello world !

Today, Ayi's Toy website is formally launched.
Welcome to Ayi's Toy !
There is not many things now.
It is coming soon ...

If you have any question or suggestion,
please contact me. My email is ayi2000@yahoo.com.cn