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How to assemble 4x4x5


Many people think 4x4x5 is not easy to assemble.
It is not so difficult indeed.
This week I assembled hundreds of cubes.
I think it is an interesting things to assemble or disassemble a puzzle.
You can also finish it within 15 minutes.
Let's do it together.



Connect the center parts and 6-axis core wiht screw.
Tighten screws into the end, gap is not needed.
Be sure the center part can turn smoothly, that's OK.
Only assemble 4 pieces, leave 2 aside.


Assemble the mini parts
Connect them with 3-layer-surface parts.
It is the block to hold hidden layer.
Only use 2 pieces !


Connect the 2 assembled 3-L-surfaces with center parts.
Be sure to connect with two different center parts.


Put 3-L-edge into the middle of 3-L-surface parts.
Then assemble the other 3-L-surface and 3-L-edge parts.
Middle layer(the 3rd layer) is finished.


Add 4th layer parts on.
4-L-edge first, then a "connecter",
and a "T-shaped" part goes on.
The 4th layer is finished.


Add two 5-L-corners on.
Prepare 4 pair of 5-layer-edge parts.

Add one pair of edges on.
Then add another 5-L-corner,
and a pair of edges again.

So the outside parts of 5th layer are finished.


From now on, we will use the forceps.
Add the hidden edge into the middle of two 5-L-edges.


Hang the "connters" behind 5-L-corners.


Add "T-shaped" parts on


OK, add the center part on, and tighten the screw.


Turn it over.
Return to Step.5 and do it again.

And there is also a Video on YouTube

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