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5x5x4 is available

After so many months waiting and so many times modifying,
5x5x4 finaly comes out !
There is not much difference between final version and the new sample.
Just fixed some caps.
You can make purchase at Ayi's Shop.

=================== above updated on Nov.4.2011 ============================

New sample of 5x5x4

Just got the new sample of 554, it is much better than the old one.
The mold was rebuilt and now it is in very good conditions.
It is just a sample for testing, so you can see it is not very smooth on surface.
Final version will be better.

The old problems no longer appear.

It turns very well .

All pieces are capped, no gap any more.

Take some new photos

Video on YouTube

====================== above updated on Aug.3.2011 ======================

5x5x4 needs to be repaired

Sample of 554 is not good.
There is no problem with the original 3D model, only the mold is not precise enough.
So the cube has many defects.
Here are some pictures.
It should be capped, but the cover can not assemble with the cube now.
I won't let the final version like this.

And there's another 3D printed one.
You can see it Here.

If you like it, wait please ...

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