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4x4x3 is Released !

Finally 4x4x3 is released !
Just on 2014.04.03 :)
Black and White are for retail,
Blue is for a crowd funding project in China.
Only one Transparent left.

============ above updated on Apr.3.2014 ==============

4x4x3 is coming ...

Here is the last prototype with stickers.
It is almost OK.
Video on YouTube

============ above updated on Feb.5.2014 ==============

Models from Shapeways.

Just got the package from Shapeways last weekend.
Because of the tolerance, it is not very neat in outside appearance.
Especially the center parts of 4x4.
But there is no problem with the function.
Video on YouTube

============ above updated on Feb.25.2013 ==============

4x4x3 is still 3D model now ...
Just some renderings ...

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